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Funny how if I wasn’t in front of a computer, instead of “loading”, I would probably be saying, “thinking … thinking… thinking.”

A bit of food for thought to begin my first ever blog post.

Wow! I am now officially a blogger (yikes!?), thanks to my EDC3100 ICT & Pedagogy course at USQ – part of my journey to completing my Bachelor of Education (Primary).

As this is the first post, I will do the ‘obligatory’ intro.  I am a mother of 3 (sometimes) young angels that are my world, including twins and yes, twins are double the trouble, but also twice as nice 🙂 (when they want to be).  So, you may have guessed by that, that I am an older (for want of a better word) student, having reached the *whispers* 40 mark quite recently.  I have always wanted to be a teacher, thanks in part to some wonderful teachers I myself had during my own educational education.  But due to life and other distractions, I fell off the wagon.  Now, while I am at home with the kiddies, I have decided to re-embark on the journey to becoming a teacher.  And thanks to developments such as ICTs I am able to do it online.

I use to think that I was pretty good with technology and can usually figure things out when something goes wrong.  My general mantra is “google it, but if all else fails, turn it off and start again“.  This has worked quite well for me, but setting up this blog has shown me that there is so much more out there that I need to know about, not just for this course and my future teaching, but because these are the things my kids are going to be using and as hubby is very old school and not tech savvy, to say the least, it falls on me to keep up with it all.  Which, in all honesty, I don’t really mind, I quite enjoy it, for the most part.  So, I am looking forward to this course and keeping up with the Jones’ (I refuse to say the ‘K’, word – yeah, you know what I’m talking about).

With all that in mind, I will try not to rant too much in my blogs for those who choose to follow me.

Sidebar: isn’t ranting what blogs are all about though??

Onward and upward…