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LOL! … I can’t believe I found one – this is practically my ‘go to’ when I have technical issues!

Anyway … on to the topic of the day – ICT and prac.

This whole gist of this subject is about ICT and incorporating it into the classroom.  But what happens when it fails?

ICT is great, no doubt … but during my pracs my mentors had nothing but problems with their ICT.

My first year prac was at a (I would say) semi-rural school and my second year one was at a school that probably wasn’t even that.  Yet, both of them were constantly having issues with the ICT failing, mainly due to connectivity.

wedrac’s blog post about Virtual Classrooms is an ideal path that the government should be aiming towards, particularly for rural and remote schools.  The Queensland government’s action plan for “smart classrooms” is already being undertaken and implemented.

This is all well and good, but in rural and remote areas, I think the lack of use of ICT is directly related to its unreliability.

I want to be able to use it, believe me, but I found on prac, I always had to have a plan B, as the ICT would most likely not work.

So … rant over … I hope my prac this year will be in a school that has more reliable ICT.

On a side note: A shout out to K.L.’s Education for her resource GoNoodle.  I had a look at it and it looks great.  I watched the intro video and I dare anyone to try not to lick their elbow …LOL!



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