What is ICT & Why use it?


I found this short YouTube video that gives a good summary of how some of us seem to feel about using ICT.  Feel free to watch it as it is short but sweet.

When I first tried to answer the question – What is ICT?  My first thought was basically, anything digital.  Seems that was pretty on the money.  However, then I took the quiz and for some unknown reason I ignored my first instincts and ticked some things as ICT, when they clearly were not digital items.

Why did I do this?

I think, in part, because at that point I hadn’t had my “digital” instinct confirmed and partly I may have gone into ‘exam mode’ and thought “Oh … that’s a trick question!”  You know … they all have them.

Anyway, needless to say, I did not do as well on the quiz as I should have.  But on the positive side, after working through the rest of the learning paths, my initial thought about the “digital” factor was confirmed.  Phew!

As to Why use ICT?  I agree with becteacher2B, about how this is the way the world is heading and what our children, both students and our own, will be using, so it needs to be known.  I also love the resource link to the University of Sydney, which I took a look at and it is a great resource for tutorials on many things ICT related that we, as teachers, may find very handy.

Speaking of resources, the YouTube video above, was created using a website called Powtoon.  Where you can create (for free) animated videos and presentations.  I think this would be great to use in the classroom.  Imagine personalising information presentations with your student’s as the stars!


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