First Week … done!


Ok … so the first week is done and I’m still here and hopefully many others are too 🙂

What I learnt this week …

How to set up a blog, Feedly and Diigo.  However, in all honesty, I’ve barely used Feedly or Diigo since (shhhh!).

But I did find setting up my blog and linking it to both online resources and other people’s blogs was A LOT easier than I thought. (Phew!)  In saying that, I realised that my powers of deduction when it comes to technology only scratches the surface, as there is sooo much out there.

My suspicions that ICT is referred to as pretty much anything digital, was confirmed – Yay for me! (Doing a little jig).

Concept maps, however, is something that I think I will need to work on – I’m so used to just thinking things through in my mind.

This whole technology thing, that is supposed to make everything easier, seemed to actually take up an awful lot of time… BUT… that may just be because it was the initial set up phase.  Hopefully, the following weeks won’t take up as much time to complete.

Anyway, I take my leave for this week, and leave those of you reading this with the following YouTube clip, enjoy…



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