Why (not) use ICT? … that is the question! Part 2


Continued from previous post

At the start of the learning path for this week, I started to think about the focus question of Why (not) use ICT?  And before getting to the concept mapping stage, I came up with the following gems (ok … maybe not gems, but ideas) based on The Big Three framework;

  • Preparing the next generation for the workforce – so we all know that technology is here to stay and as we have seen, it does and will evolve (hopefully not to the point of the ‘Terminator’ movies though :-p ).  It is an integral part of just about every aspect of our lives, including the workforce.  So, yes, students do need to know how to use ICT and must be able to develop the knowledge and skills that will help them to confidently take on any evolutions in ICT.
  • Making schools more efficient and productive – so it should!  Otherwise, what good is it really?  However, any technology is only as good as its users.  So teachers and other educational staff must have ongoing access to training.
  • Enhancing and transforming learning and teaching – again, if it didn’t do this, what would be the point of it!?  Another however, however, is that I have to agree with saunders2017’s blog post  that concrete materials play an integral part in student learning and can not be replaced.  Overuse of or misuse of ICT can also lead to students becoming disinterested in it and teacher laziness, causing it to lose all its enhancing and transforming powers.

There’s obviously so much more that could be discussed here, but these are just brief thoughts on the focus question.

Side note:  Some of you may have noticed that there is no visual stimulation in this blog, that is because I have to review my copyright and referencing for the previous posts, as I may or may not be in violation of copyright laws.  Yikes!  I’ve added some text colour in to make up fot it 🙂 , hope this will suffice.


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