A Picture Says a Thousand Words …


Young Businesswoman depressed looking at laptop

Image Credit: HubPages

This image was me … literally, the other night when I had a (what seemed at the time, major) ICT failure!

In brief, I copied something to my clipboard ie. a whole blog post and before pasting it somewhere, I copied something else and as soon as I did it, the above image was my life and all I could say was “OMG. OMG!”  Then I frantically tried to find a way to recover the previously copied text, mainly via the following Google search … but, you guessed it … to no avail.  Now, this has happened to me before, but not to this extent, it has always been smaller stuff.  Anyway … after a considerable amount of time trying to see if I could recover it … I came to the conclusion that it was lost and had to rewrite the blog post from memory.  This ended up being one of those ‘not in bed till 1:45am nights!’ Love those … not!  Then in hindsight, I realised this was a human error, not so much ICT.

I then read a few blogs about technology failing and in particular, the one by laramcaulay.  Although her blog was about an extreme ‘What if?’ situation, we do find that technology does fail on a regular basis on smaller scales and this seems to be the root of many peoples frustration with it.  I just hope that with the leaps and bounds in advances in technology, this issue can be addressed and whatever time we waste on fixing problems can be spent outside enjoying the real world.

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