How to Copy Right!?


How to Blog Legally

Picture Credit: BudgetGirl

Before I begin .. let me just start by saying this blog is not a definitive answer to the title statement/question … sorry, I too wish it were, but like many of you, it just does my head in.

I did read the Copyright Guide for Students by the University of Sydney in the learning path books and I think ellen@usq sums it all up pretty well in her blog.

Through the haze, I also managed to find the following helpful links;

©     I and many of you have attached YouTube video’s to your post and when I was looking for the copyright information, I found many of the videos simply stated that they had a “Standard YouTube License”.  The Terms of Service of which can be found here.  Section 6C of these terms seems to cover the copyright for video’s with this license.

©     I also found this blog about citing images in your blog posts.  The image below is from this site and sums it up in a pretty poster;


So just when I seem to get a grasp on concept maps, this course throws out a new challenge; that of copyright!  Challenge accepted!  (Well, maybe not right now, I think this is going to take a little longer with some trial and error to boot, hopefully no legal action though).

Stay tuned and fingers crossed my next blog is not coming to you via your friendly correctional center!



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