Bloomin’ SLIC Work!


Blooms Digital Taxonomy

Image Credit: Fractus Learning

Firstly, I completely agree with Courtney Howlett and Beth Tyson when they mention in their blog posts what a great resource Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy is.  I three will be saving this for future reference.

Secondly, today I took a small leap in ICT and actually completed the SLIC concluding activity … and surprisingly it really wasn’t that hard at all.  I did this by sharing an activity resource to the ICT & Pedagogy group in Diigo.  Whoot! Whoot! (Doing a little jig!)  I will share it again here and also wanted to share some other helpful links that I found along the way;

  1. Sploder! is the resource I shared in Diigo and it is a free game making website.  I thought this would be great in a unit on ICT design and can be easily presented as a piece of assessment.
  2. Speaking of assessment, I found this website edtechteacher that not only provides but allows you to design your own rubric for assessing different digital or multimedia projects.  Love it!
  3. Finally, I came across this website ICT by Teachers that includes a handy list of activities that students can do with online tools.

Now, onward to chase a RAT…


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