True or False … the fear is real!


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So like many of you, I did the quiz that begins this weeks learning path.  I answered the single question “True”.

And like many of you, no matter what you answered, when you were marked incorrect, my first thought was What!?  Then I read through the justification of why neither answer was right, but for me, personally, I still believe that some technology is making us anti-social … to some degree.  Probably not to the degree that Albert Einstein predicted, but then if you take a look at the picture below, you have to question his premise …

Kids on ph

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This type of scene is becoming all too familiar.  But the argument seems to be that they may still be conducting some kind of “social” activity, just not on a face to face or real world level that you (or should I just say “I”) would normally expect when ‘being social’ is mentioned.   I guess for any generations where the digital age is the norm, they wouldn’t think of anything else other than social media in relation to ‘being social’.

For me, another sad realisation indicated in the above image is that the students are missing out on appreciating a wonderful example of (traditional) art.  I felt I had to add ‘traditional’ in there because, as per my next point, art could now include anything that is of digital origin.

I guess that’s one of the things that has become part and parcel with living in a digital age … definitions are becoming broader and encompassing more so that ICT can be accommodated.

Hopefully, face to face social activity won’t become obsolete, like so many other things have.

Matrix … I resist your temptation!


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