The R.A.T. Pack.



I am “borrowing” the same image that David used in the learning paths as it has a Creative Commons license and it’s a good summary of the whole R.A.T. Model.

Before, I got to the ‘I smell a RAT’ learning path, I was a little worried there seemed to be a few blog posts on how confusing it was.  For example Renee Linke’s post about how confused she was on the whole thing.

However, after reading through the information, I find that it’s not as confusing as it may initially seem.  In fact, it’s rather straight forward really.

Then …

Like many of you, who thought they had a grasp on this model, I came to it in Assignment 1 and do you think I could do it … nope, not yet anyway!

Now this could have just been because I needed a mental break after completing the rest of the Excel spreadsheet in one night (turns out it was easier than I thought).  So, tonight after this blog post is finished I am going to attempt it … wish me luck!


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