Constructing Transformations


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Before I get into my blog rant for tonight, I thought I would share this website, Pixabay, which is a great resource for images that are all Creative Commons, so are free to use and without having to attribute them.  Yay!  No Copyright headaches.

So, tonight’s topic is my understanding of identifying the difference between constructing knowledge and transforming knowledge.

Now, I might be completely on the wrong track here, because so far it seems a little too easy.  I suspect this may change once I actually start trying to identify them for Assignment 2.


In the meantime, the following seems to be the general gist of it;

Constructing Knowledge – is basically new information that is learned, ie. facts, data, subject or context specific vocabulary etc… and,

Transforming Knowledge – is using that new information learned and applying it in another context.

Now, here I am a little confused, maybe just because it’s late, but is it another context or a similar but different context?  That one I will have to check on.  I’m thinking it should just be ‘different’ but I won’t change it now, cause then you won’t know what I’m on about 🙂

Please feel free to let me know if my gist is a miss!


3 thoughts on “Constructing Transformations

  1. Hi Amanda,
    Transforming Knowledge isn’t so much as putting into another context (even it can be) but more about • when we ask students to apply their constructed knowledge. They are able to make meaning and transform their learning by applying it in new situations.
    Hope that makes it clearer for you!
    Lee 🙂

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