Somewhere over EDC3100 V.1.0




Ok, so now I will address my somewhere in relation to Assignment 2, very generally;

  • Context – I am going to set my context in a semi-rural school, as I did a prac at one last year and loved it.  I’m thinking middle to upper primary years … so … I am going to go with Year 5, as that is a year I haven’t had yet.
  • Learning Area & Objectives – Since I have always loved History, I am going to go with what’s behind door number one …

Knowledge and Understanding – The impact of a significant development or event on an                                                                            Australian colony (ACHASSK108)

 Inquiry and skills – Evaluating and Reflecting – Evaluate evidence to draw conclusions                                                                                                        (ACHASSI101)

  • Criteria – (very off the top of my head & still requires further investigation to see how viable it would be) – small groups presenting a debate on the “heroes” and “villians” of either just the gold rush era or of Australian bushrangers.
  • Unit Topic – Well I gave that away just a tad in the previous point!  But leaning towards a Gold Rush theme (loading … loading … loading … )


So those are my thoughts so far as to my assignment 2 somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Somewhere over EDC3100 V.1.0

  1. Reblogged this on learningjourney173 and commented:
    Hi Amanda,
    I have just been sifting through for interesting blogs to respond to and thought I would answer yours. I am not sure what region you arr in but one of the oldest gold mining towns in Queensland is Gympie. I live 85 kms inland from there, and the town has a lot of interesting sites on line if gold mining was the theme you decided on. There are still some fossicking sites around the district, one interesting place to go to is the Prophet Gold Mine just out of Kilkevan. John Parsons owns it and conducts tours for school kids. Here is a link

    Anyway, you have probably decided on what you are doing, I just thought I would pass this on to you. All the best for assignment 2 and you rprac,

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