Assignment 2



This image sums up my work on assignment two perfectly …

I have, however, done some brief work on the Preamble.  But it seems like this one has snuck up on me a little!

Doesn’t help that I am a terrible procrastinator 😉  Hence my blogging right now instead of working on it.

I think when I do buckle down to do it, I will have Weeks 4 & 7’s learning paths up and going through them as I go through each section of the assignment.  Dedicating the learning paths to unpacking the assignment is so much better.

And how good is the Learning Activity Types Wiki webpage!  Yet another resource to add to my ever increasing list.  Gee, thanks David!  No seriously … thanks.  I will definitely be referring to this for my assignment and no doubt into my teaching career.

But enough rambling, time to procrastinate … sorry … I meant get into assignment two.



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