Is it cheating??



First of all … Wow! I have this exact figurine at home and came across this image when I was searching for a question mark one!  What a small world :-0

Anyway, back to my title, I am referring to the Preamble section of assignment 2.  I feel like I’m cheating a little by setting my context in a simple and easy situation.  But then I think, the assignment is more about the ICT use and the unit plan itself, so why not make it easier to incorporate into a situation that is not too full of student variances and learning abilities.  Of course, I’ve included some, but not as many as we would probably encounter in most classroom environments.  Why make it harder than it needs to be, right?

And yes, because the learning paths have been about unpacking assignment 2, as jayneally also notes, it’s hard to find something to blog about.

Hoping my next post will be about my prac and having been placed!



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