Practice, Practice, Practice


apple on books

So I finally heard back from my mentor today and she seems quite easy going.  Yay!  Happy for me to just meet her on Monday at 8:25am.

In the meantime, I have been working through the learning paths, as I am way behind and I am trying to catch up before prac starts and I realised, I haven’t even been through the 2016 Professional Experience Book yet to read through the outline of expectations for EDC3100.

Wow! The teaching load is quite high compared to previous ones, not that my previous mentors followed these to the letter anyway.  Makes it a little more daunting than previous years ones, but hopefully will all go just as well, as I have enjoyed all of my previous pracs.

Having the challenge of incorporating ICT to enhance and transform learning in at least 5 lessons is going to be … challenging, especially given the track record of my previous semi-rural schools with ICT “issues”.

Here’s hoping this one won’t be so bad 🙂


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