2 Days Down, 13 More to Go!


old school

So you’re probably wondering why the old school picture?  Well, it seems to be a good reflection of my first two days of prac.

Day 1 – Interactive whiteboard not working, internet not working.  24 Students and 5 Ipads to share and look like they’ve been gathering dust.  Come home and my desktop computer decided not to work.  I think it’s on it’s way out.  Just what I need! (Sarcasm by the way).

Day 2 – Interactive whiteboard now working and internet back on.  Internet freezing and can’t use either!  At least my home desktop computer has decided to come on (after some maintenance).

Does not bode well, to say the least.

On the up side, went over some online resource sites that my mentor uses, which I will be using for my ICT lessons (frankly because there just isn’t anything else :-/ ).

They are:

  1. Studyladder – an online literacy and mathematics learning tool, with learning games.
  2. The Number Crew – fun videos demonstrating realistic mathematical problem-solving scenarios.  Videos are available on YouTube.
  3. Spelling City – interactive vocabulary and spelling website.  Including students being able to access spelling lists created by the teacher.
  4. Story Box Library – Australian online storytelling resource.  Does require subscription, but cheapest is only $29.95/year.  Would be worthwhile once you are teaching.

Hope some of these are helpful to others as well 🙂



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