Here’s a TIP



I’ve only just finished reading through the learning path for week 9, hoping that it would help me with integrating ICT into my lessons with my Year 1 class … alas, it hasn’t been much more help at all.

This isn’t TIPs fault though, it’s just the limited ICT access and use in my prac context.  I actually got to pick up the Ipads today to get them ready for some maths activities and my suspicions were confirmed … they were dusty from lack of use 😦

Looks like my ICT lessons are going to consist of viewing videos and hopefully, some online games or activities, but they will be very basic, as I am working with Year 1s.

I did find a new picture resource though (and many of you have probably already found it), but for those who haven’t, if you loved Pixabay then you’ll also love Wikimedia Commons, which is a resource of media that is available under the public domain or creative commons licenses.  Yay!


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