I Came, I Saw, I Conquered?



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 Week one of prac done and dusted…

Why do I feel the need to be counting this one down!?  I normally really enjoy my pracs, but this one is doing my head in.  Maybe because it is grade 1 and I really don’t want to teach the earlier years.  Is that bad?

I’m finding it to be a real challenge.  The content is so … basic!  I’m finding there is no intellectual stimulation and because the earlier years is not an area I’m keen on, I have no real strategies to use.  My mentor, I think, has picked up on this a little and advised that it is different to teach the earlier year levels, but I will figure it out eventually and all will be right with the world (of my prac).

I hope so.  I have two weeks left to teach my 5 ICT lesson, which I have yet to do!  Hopefully as my lesson teaching load increases, these won’t be a problem.

Here’s to a better second week…. (she says with doubt :-/ )


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