I, Amanda, do hereby pledge to use ICT …


digital citizenship

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According to my calculations, this will most likely be my last post.  I know, I know … but don’t be sad.  We’re all moving on to a better place. 🙂

Just quickly, I wanted to touch on the whole digital citizenship thing.  Having gone through the learning path about it, to become successful digital citizens we must strive to use ICT successfully, productively and safely.

In saying that, I only got 1/4 for the ‘What do you know about bullying?’ quiz, but then got full marks for the ‘Cybersafety Quiz’, so can’t be doing too badly.  With regards to the successful and productive side of things, I think, as teachers, if we are not doing this, we should hang up our hats now.  Whether we like it or not, use it or not, it’s here to stay.

On a final note, I hope everyone did well and at least learnt something from their pracs and this course, I know I did in both cases.  I didn’t even mind doing the blogs. I found them a great way to express myself (and get an easy 5 marks on each assignment).

And as BecTeacher2B says, that’s “another semester closer to becoming a teacher”.

I’m sure our paths will cross again ….


Et tu, Prac!


Eyeball classroom

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons: Maximilian Schonherr

So this is my belated post on finishing prac.

I was in two mindsets when I found out about the year level for my prac.  Year 1 is definitely a level that I hadn’t even done close to, but my son is in Year 1, so I was keen to see if what he was learning was in line with what my Year 1’s were doing.

The first thing my mentor told me …. public and private schools are quite different.  Ok….

In the end though, I was happy with what he was learning compared to what my Year 1’s were doing.  I even picked up several learning strategies to help him out.  For example, ‘when 2 vowels go walking, the first one does the talking’.  Loved that one.

When I started teaching the Year 1s, I admit I struggled a bit, as I kept forgetting how much they DON’T know yet.  Then my mentor told me to teach each lesson like they haven’t done it before and once I got the hang of it, I actually started to enjoy teaching them.

I still don’t think the early years are for me, but at least I know I can handle it if that’s where I have to start out.

I can completely relate to Kraig’s post and can confirm that teaching as a career path is still very much on my agenda.  I too have also felt like I could just walk in and teach on previous pracs, but was the total opposite on this one.