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I have been placed!

Not sure if this was a result of a phone call to the prac office or they just finally heard back from the school, but either way, what a relief.

Also got grade 1 and I was hoping for a younger grade this time, just to get the feel for it, as I have previously had grade 3, 4 & 6.  Another bonus is the convenience of the school to where I live, so well worth the wait.

Now to try and get in contact with my mentor before prac commences to see what’s what etc…

Yay!  Let the fun begin 🙂



Prac, Prac, Where for art thou, Prac?


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So, here we are, exactly one week before prac is supposed to start and I still don’t have my placement.

I’m trying very hard to be patient, but come on!  It’s so defeating to be checking InPlace all the time and finding “Placements to be allocated” still under the Actions column.

In the meantime, I continue the search for ICT resources and came across Smart Exchange which is full of free resources for teachers.  Granted it is a U.S. site, but after a quick scan through some of the resources, they could easily be used or adapted for the Australian classroom.

I leave thee now, still sullen and sad,

Waiting for prac placement, when once again I’ll be glad 🙂

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu


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To assignment two and two and two…

Wow! That assignment felt like it should have been worth more than 40%!  And along with Kraig and Leisha, I’m not sure if it was my best work.  I feel that I might have been a little too general is some parts and not specific enough.  But only time will tell now :-/

At the time of writing this, I still have not received a prac placement and made the, probably annoying, decision to phone the prac office to see if they could provide any insight.

Alas, it was to no avail! 😦  All I got was “we have nothing locked in for you yet”. Hmmm….

Anyway, just a quick note back on assignment two – I did find a great resource with regards to digital archives.  This website gives you access to all the online resources from the National Library of Australia.  Perfect for sourcing primary resources, particularly for History studies.


Practically there …



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So I took this advice today and did some more work on assignment 2.  I haven’t done much, but I tweaked what I did have and feel better about what I do have so far.

But I am dreading the whole ICT integration, as I am finding the same thing as jwilkinson804 when she notes that most classroom ICT tends towards replication and amplification.

I’ve settled on the unit topic and am hoping I can find at least one ICT related thing that I can use to transform the students learning.

My attentions though keep getting drawn to prac placement, as I see more and more students through the blogs and facebook page finding out where they are going.  I am starting to wonder if I too should follow in the footsteps of mryclancyblog and nvandoornblog and call up the prac office.  But just as they feared, I don’t want to annoy them, as I am sure they are doing the best they can to inform everyone of their placements.

For now, I think I will be a little more patient and wait … and wait …. and wait :-/

Is it cheating??



First of all … Wow! I have this exact figurine at home and came across this image when I was searching for a question mark one!  What a small world :-0

Anyway, back to my title, I am referring to the Preamble section of assignment 2.  I feel like I’m cheating a little by setting my context in a simple and easy situation.  But then I think, the assignment is more about the ICT use and the unit plan itself, so why not make it easier to incorporate into a situation that is not too full of student variances and learning abilities.  Of course, I’ve included some, but not as many as we would probably encounter in most classroom environments.  Why make it harder than it needs to be, right?

And yes, because the learning paths have been about unpacking assignment 2, as jayneally also notes, it’s hard to find something to blog about.

Hoping my next post will be about my prac and having been placed!


Assignment 2



This image sums up my work on assignment two perfectly …

I have, however, done some brief work on the Preamble.  But it seems like this one has snuck up on me a little!

Doesn’t help that I am a terrible procrastinator 😉  Hence my blogging right now instead of working on it.

I think when I do buckle down to do it, I will have Weeks 4 & 7’s learning paths up and going through them as I go through each section of the assignment.  Dedicating the learning paths to unpacking the assignment is so much better.

And how good is the Learning Activity Types Wiki webpage!  Yet another resource to add to my ever increasing list.  Gee, thanks David!  No seriously … thanks.  I will definitely be referring to this for my assignment and no doubt into my teaching career.

But enough rambling, time to procrastinate … sorry … I meant get into assignment two.


Somewhere over EDC3100 V.1.0




Ok, so now I will address my somewhere in relation to Assignment 2, very generally;

  • Context – I am going to set my context in a semi-rural school, as I did a prac at one last year and loved it.  I’m thinking middle to upper primary years … so … I am going to go with Year 5, as that is a year I haven’t had yet.
  • Learning Area & Objectives – Since I have always loved History, I am going to go with what’s behind door number one …

Knowledge and Understanding – The impact of a significant development or event on an                                                                            Australian colony (ACHASSK108)

 Inquiry and skills – Evaluating and Reflecting – Evaluate evidence to draw conclusions                                                                                                        (ACHASSI101)

  • Criteria – (very off the top of my head & still requires further investigation to see how viable it would be) – small groups presenting a debate on the “heroes” and “villians” of either just the gold rush era or of Australian bushrangers.
  • Unit Topic – Well I gave that away just a tad in the previous point!  But leaning towards a Gold Rush theme (loading … loading … loading … )


So those are my thoughts so far as to my assignment 2 somewhere.